Sacrificing your neighbor for a distant abstraction.
Because Netflix doesn't understand virtue.
Massacres, lying "historians," leadership and purpose, AI doomsdays coupled with optimism, and more. 10 links.

February 2023

“Well, I reckon I should kiss her.” “How in the big blue sky do you reckon that?” “Well,” said Frank, scratching his belly through a stained t-shirt…
The temptations that arise when you learn something new
Subversion of heroic morality, the pride flag, and what it means when animal sacrifice is making a comeback.

January 2023

Nothing should get a pass just because it targets a younger audience.
A poem about when you think you're about to die
The 12 books I read last year that have stuck with me the most
Stop trusting Jordan Peterson, Mad Men's literary allusions, hacking RFID, and more.

December 2022

The creeping poison of feminism infects everything, including modern board games
The Friendship of Jesse Owens and Luz Long